7P/12V EXPERT Flat 100% Watertight WEATHERLOCK Socket (151303)

This EXPERT product from ERICH JAEGER is connectivity at its Best.
Arguably the best 7P/12V 100% Waterproof Flat AS4177.5 Trailer Socket on the market. With WEATHERLOCKTM  technology it provide the best water and corrosion protection in the industry. 
The sophisticated, double contact system with primary and secondary lock together with individual wire seals makes the penetration of moisture into the vehicle electrical impossible. Even under the most extreme conditions, the system provides 100% water-tightness. For example, the submersion of a boat trailer into the water (submerging of the connection system) is handled by our connector without difficulty.
The use of proprietary FIBERCORETM composite technology makes it the toughest solution.

 7P/12V Watertight Socket Brochure