7P/12V 100% Watertight WEATHERLOCK Socket (ISO 1724 - Typ N) (101371)

The socket is an open interface between user and car electrical wiring system. The current standard of ISO 1724 does not provide water protection. With current sockets 

incoming water could come through the wires into electronic modules through by capillary-effect and can cause enormous damage. Our new generation of sockets revolutionizes the system according to ISO 1724 and offers the highest safety standards for a save connections between vehicle and trailer. 

  • 100% waterproof using WEATHERLOCKTM Technology which creates a water barrier from plug side to cable harness side, even when a plug is connected
  • 100% water tightness from cable harness side through single wire seals
  • Easy handling for socket exchange in case of repair service
  • New socket design with compatibility for all existing mounting plates
  • Extreme toughness by using our latest FIBERCORETM polymer technology

Brochure 7P/12V Round Weatherproof ISO socket